OCTOBER 2010-MAY 2017

WHAT IS LINCWORKS? The LINCWorks Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) program provides help on the path from welfare to skills and work for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) participants in Jackson, Clay and Platte counties. Services include placement in countable work activity, ongoing case management, assistance with transportation and work-related expenses, and referral to partner organizations.

The line graph shows the work participation rate from October 2010 (the beginning of the contract) to May 2017 (the latest month with available data).  Since June 2012, LINCWorks has consistently enhanced the statewide participation rate. Note on Fiscal Years: Prior to FY2015, July 1 was the first day of the fiscal year. As of FY2015, October 1 is the first day of the fiscal year.  To reflect this change, FY2014 includes the 15-month period June 2013-September 2014 for the purpose of calculating the FY yearly average work participation rate in the graph at right.